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Monument (Deluxe Edition) CD/DVD Album

CD/DVD $15.99

Release Date: 06/04/2018

Discs: 2

A repress of the 2009 Remastered Definitive Edition of the Ultravox first live album, recorded at London’s Hammersmith Odeon on the 1982 ‘Quartet Tour’. Contains live renditions of the classic tracks ‘Vienna’, ‘Reap The Wild Wind’ and ‘the Voice’.

This 1CD/1DVD edition contains the original mini live album with bonus tracks along with the original concert film.

This is presented in a new 8-Panel digipak package.


1. Monument [Audio]
2. Reap The Wild Wind (Live) [Audio]
3. Visions In Blue (Live) [Audio]
4. The Voice (Live) [Audio]
5. Vienna (Live) [Audio]
6. Passing Strangers (Live) [Audio]
7. Mine For Life (Live) [Audio]
8. Hymn (Live) [Audio]
9. The Song (We Go) (Live) [Audio]


1. Introduction [DVD]]
2. Reap The Wild Wind (Live) [DVD]
3. The Voice (Live) [DVD]
4. Vienna (Live) [DVD]
5. Mine For Life (Live) [DVD]
6. Hymn (Live) [DVD]
7. End Credits [DVD]